The Celebration Of Endings - مكتبة ذواقة

The Celebration Of Endings

1.500 ر.ع
Al Waqad Aljabri

Lynch, Fairy and Squat; a dynamic trio in their journey across space and time. The line that holds these 22 stories together is extremely fluid, in one story; the characters are a part of a prehistoric civilization learning ancient secrets of meditation, and in another story, they're visiting a bakery on the moon, but there is something, subtle and vaguely insightful, that defies the concepts of space and time

The characters, despite keeping their names, have different roles in each story. The only thing that stays solid is their fierce approach towards life, and their questionable acceptance that they have while facing the absurd series of events in the stories

Their origin, their past, their identity, it's all completely reliant on the reader. All what matters is written in the book, what's between the lines, however, could only determine more about the reader, rather than our characters

It's fun, but spooky, like dancing in a dark room

الناشر: دار اللبان
نوع المنتج: كتاب ورقي
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